“By God when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself.”

Be the observer in your life.
Choose to openly accept love.
We are so incredibly hard on ourselves.
Constantly criticizing and believing we are not ready or worthy of incredible things in our lives.

When God puts someone in your life- take notice.
When God closes a door, take notice.

Believe in your love so much that it has no choice but to manifest into what it is that you feel you are unworthy of.
That one thing you feel is inaccessible.
It is here.
Trust me.
It is right here.

There was a time not so long ago when you had left a part of yourself behind.
A time when you felt unworthy,

There are times when that same insecurity sneaks in.
Times when you look in the mirror and feel anger and resentment towards yourself.
Times when you still condemn yourself for moments that were out of your control.
You forget, my love,
You cannot control any of this.
Life is happening whether you want it to or not.
You are unfolding and learning how to love.
You are not alone.
You are so strong.

There are times you forget how much strength it took to bring you here.
Times when you lose sight of the dream.
The goal.
The vision.

To explore.
Transcend illusion.
Help others to heal and move in new ways.
This is the life we are building.
Do not lose sight of who you are.

You are a phoenix rising from the flames.
A gentle breeze amidst the heat.
You are calm in the chaos.

Do not lose sight of who you are.
In these times it can be hard to maintain your integrity.
My love,
That is all you have.

Without an honest heart the fight is lost.

So open.
Live honestly.
Do not be afraid.
Own this life.

Be an example of love- broken and pieced back together with grace.
This door you are praying for,
It’s wide open.
Walk tall.



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