The most beautiful and amazing aspect of your life is that at any given moment we have the opportunity to breathe:

New life

New hope

New beginnings

Our cells are constantly dying and regenerating.

OUr life is in a constant state of flow and regeneration.

Every moment we breathe in new ideas, concepts and dreams to breathe out into fruition.

This is the beauty of our imagination and creativity infused.

We fail to realize the uncapped potential that lies within us.

This part may feel messy or a bit uncomfortable but it is still purposeful.

Know this:

Wherever you are

However you are

However you have chosen to show up in you life,

You have shown up.

That in itself is something to be proud of.

This moment is yours to hold however you wish to be held.

There is no wrong in this way of thinking.

You are always


We think that we will get to a point and just inherently KNOW exactly who we are and where we are going.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

You are here and then you are not.

In between you are who you actively CHOOSE TO BE.

Everything is a choice including how you choose to be present in your life.

I choose to be a passionate and ever learning student.

Everyday I am learning how to better teach and understand the people I am influencing.

I actively choose to show up exactly as I am.

Wild, crazy, ambitious, anxious, loving, and flawed. 

I bring it all to the table to show you how incredibly beautiful you are just as you are.

Be seen

Be heard

Be loved

Watch your world change.


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Who Are You When The World Isn't Watching