Journal Prompt of the Day: Transformation

My journal prompts are to not only inspire mindfulness but to exercise the parts of our minds that have fallen stagnant or tired.

If you have found yourself here in this space, what are you looking to learn from me?

What does transformation mean to you?

What words, images, thoughts or ideas come to mind as you anticipate this new season in your life?

For my own personal transformation I think of:



Infinite energy

Purposeful movement

Uncapped potential


Limitless love




It’s easy to fall into a rut and conform to what the rest of the world seems to be doing. I took a big step outside of my box and found myself in awe with what was on the outside. So much so that I threw the box away. I have left myself exposed and vulnerable- open to accept the blessings and love that the Universe/God/the Creator has for me. 

My transformation has ignited a new sense of life. I have embraced the uncertainty and fear that surrounds me to be fully immersed in my faith. I know that I am meant to influence and inspire those I encounter so I write, I heal, I share my heart and I remain open to yours.

What does transformation mean to you? 

Mindfulness practice:

Find images and quotes that resonate with where you see yourself. Gather them up and create a space for them to come together. I commonly use a vision board, which is simply a large poster board that I tape meaningful images and messages on to inspire myself. I sometimes will tape images to my notebooks, planners and journals to further motivate myself in my personal journey. Do what feels right to you! 

Share in the comment section below something you have created to motivate your transformational journey!


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