Journal prompt of the day: Shadow Self

Who are you when the world isn’t watching?

It is so important that we practice being the observer in our lives. 

When you look down at yourself, what do you wish you could change?

How are you participating in life?

Looking at ourselves and facing hard truths is necessary for us to fully transform into who we are becoming.

What parts of yourself do you feel you need to hide?

Are there parts of someone’s personality that drive you nuts?

We all have that ONE personality trait that we cannot stand. Chances are the more we attempt to avoid it and talk out against it, the  more likely we are to HAVE those exact traits.

I can be incredibly stubborn. 

I am a controlling person.

I don’t like to be told no.

I feel I KNOW what is right and have such a hard time relinquishing control when I know it could be done better.

I can overthink to a point of pure anxiety.

This is my shadow self.

She can be feisty and extremely hard to deal with.

I’m no longer self sabotaging and leaving her in the dark.

I fully see and appreciate my shadow just as I fully see and appreciate my light.

I appreciate myself fully in both the light and in the shadow.

Acceptance of my imperfections has allowed me the strength to live with purpose and authenticity.

Who are you when the world is not watching? 

Mindfulness Practice:

Close your eyes. Imagine a time/a moment in your life in which you acted “outside” of yourself. A time in which you did something or said something that you regret. What emotions are brought up in this moment?

Feel them. 

Allow them in.

Then release them.

Be grateful for that moment for it made you the person you are now. In order to learn from our shadow self we must appreciate it.

Share in the comment section below something that you are working towards releasing.


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