Harness Your Inner Power

Stop seeing things as obstacles to overcome and start seeing them as lessons to learn. We are students constantly expanding our minds and opening our hearts.

Stop acting so small.
You are so incredibly powerful.
Once you learn to walk into that power- that light will illuminate all that you have been seeking.

It’s directly in front of you. Right at your fingertips. All of these things you have been so desperately wanting.
Whether that be a lover, somewhere to call home, a reliable car, a friend that you can confide in. Maybe you seek a job that will give financial stability and abundance beyond what you thought at once possible or mental freedom from the anxiety that overwhelms your mind.

Trust me when I say it is here.
Right here.
In this moment.
It is not absent but hidden in your clouded mind.

Open and expand.
Allow yourself to feel and truly experience the emotions that pulse through your mind.
Do not lie stagnant.
Fully immerse yourself in the vast ocean of your consciousness.

That thing you are afraid to say.
That person you are afraid to talk to.
That experience you crave.
That feeling you seek from these fleeting moments in time is right here.
What if that emotion you sought after in those moments was experienced now?

Look around you.
Once you dreamt of being here.
There was a time that you wanted this life.
If it no longer serves you, congratulations.
You have grown and expanded.
We need your love and healing.

Let the emotion in this moment move through you.
You are here on purpose.
This too serves a purpose.

You are an infinite and powerful source of love.
There is no end to what you will accomplish.

Let this be your sign.
Start now.
Close the door you are afraid to close.
Lean into that discomfort.
Your joy relies on you doing hard things.
So, start now.

Breathe deeply the free air.
Let it fill every single crevice and canyon within that expanding soul.
Let that fire roar.
Walk tall in your love and power.
Show up and be seen as the powerful light you are.



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