Big, Fear Shattering Love

Know, absolutely, that there is nothing stronger than the knowledge, power and integrity you hold. Do not fear the unknown. 

Fear is merely an absence of faith.

Stand tall and firm in your own self love and graciousness. Never EVER shrink or fall away. 

Be strong.

Be vigilant.

Be fierce.

Ground deeper in the face of adversity.

Stand firmly in your truth.

When in doubt of your light and purpose remember this:

You are held

Do not fear the next part.

Know that control or conditioning will not get you of 

Big, fear shattering love.

Be brave.

You are the one who holds the power to change at any given moment.

You and only you can change the entire course of your life by opening up your heart and letting in the light.

Chip away at the wall you have built so strong and sturdy.

Break it down.

Love deeply and trust wholey.

Even it means stepping outside of what you know and exposing yourself in the most vulnerable of ways.

Do not hide!

Learn to be comfortable with discomfort.

There is no peace found in stagnancy and conditioned behavior.

Step outside of what you know and see the world through a different colored lense.

Sometimes you will find that the most beautiful of moments lie outside of what you know.


You are held here.

Exactly as you are.


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