It is true to say that I have been many things in my life. 

Many identities have consumed me.

Many thoughts have transformed me.

Many people have come and gone.

Some have stayed.

I have been in many situations. 

I have been hurt.



Out of all of these things,

I have always been mine.

I have always belonged to myself.

My self worth has been questioned.

Mostly by myself.

People have manipulated and used me.

Just as people have taken chances on me and given me opportunity.

Self worth does not lie in the eyes of another.

It lies here.

Right here.

Who you are is worth everything.

Absolutely everything.

You. YOU.

You are everything you need to be.

Share that.

Be that.

Become more of that every moment you get.

Don’t become trapped into the mindset of becoming someone else.

Become so beautifully yours.

The world needs you to become you.

To hold yourself.

To care for yourself.


If there is anything you choose today or anything you do today,

Let it be becoming you.

So much you.

If only you could see how beautiful you are.

You would light up the entire night sky.

Become that.


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