“You cannot find your authentic voice unless you know who you are”
-Light is the New Black

Regardless of what you have told yourself and what you have done,

there are truths lying inside of yourself…waiting to be awakened.

Day after day we strive to become more and achieve something for ourselves that makes the day all worthwhile.

What is it that you are seeking for? Does is make you feel complete to know that you are capable of achieving but not living according to how you feel.

Yes, we all have responsibilities but what happens when we let go of expectation?

Expectation from others?

From ourselves?

From what we feel is best for our future?

What happens when we see ourselves for all of our true and limitless talents?

Do you like to write?

Do you love language?

Do you have a deep passion for helping others?

Do all of these things.

Make a list and do them.


Serve others.

Create a blog, write a book and create wellness programs according to what feels right to YOU.

What do people need?


Serve as only you can.

Your light is unlike any others.

The prisms reflecting off of your heart and soul illuminate far beyond what the eye can see.

It’s not black and white.

It’s not going to make sense to others.

But when has it mattered?

We are so innately involved in our lives that we rarely get the chance to page through the story of another’s life.

Open up your book and start writing with your own unique voice.

Create what lies inside.

Awaken and move towards that unique light of yours.

Light up the sky.


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