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Metamorphosis is my one true work of art. Throughout my life I have faced many experiences that I knew were meant to be shared and felt by others. In all of the instances that I felt most alone I knew I had to survive and share my journey. Metamorphosis is a call to love, radical self awareness, and magical connection to one another. I wrote this in hopes that one day someone much like me would find sanctuary in these pages. The truth is we are so alike. Amongst all of our differences we crave connection. If you have found yourself here, welcome. Welcome to this messy, hard, beautiful, raw and vulnerable life. Walk with me, if just for a moment in time. Let us find ourselves here. In this messy and most beautiful world.

Throughout Metamorphosis: Finding Connection in a World of Isolation I expose some of the darkest corners of myself to reveal true connection to each and every one of us. Together we breathe in and build the fire that is deep within.

Brittany A. Janning



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  • Authenticity

    “You cannot find your authentic voice unless you know who you are”-Light is the New Black Regardless of what you have told yourself and what you have done, there are truths lying inside of yourself…waiting to be awakened. Day after day we strive to become more and achieve something for ourselves that makes the day […]

  • Becoming

    It is true to say that I have been many things in my life.  Many identities have consumed me. Many thoughts have transformed me. Many people have come and gone. Some have stayed. I have been in many situations.  I have been hurt. Loved. Left. Out of all of these things, I have always been […]

  • Big, Fear Shattering Love
    Big, Fear Shattering Love

    Know, absolutely, that there is nothing stronger than the knowledge, power and integrity you hold. Do not fear the unknown.  Fear is merely an absence of faith. Stand tall and firm in your own self love and graciousness. Never EVER shrink or fall away.  Be strong. Be vigilant. Be fierce. Ground deeper in the face […]

  • The Fire Within
    The Fire Within

    “By God when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself.”-Rumi Be the observer in your life.Choose to openly accept love.We are so incredibly hard on ourselves.Constantly criticizing and believing we are not ready or worthy of incredible things in our lives. When God puts someone in your life- take notice.When God […]

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inspire big love

Inspire Big Love was created out of a vision of healing, transformation and human connection. In a world so consumed by fear and isolation it is crucial that we support and inspire each other. My mission is to help you healthfully move through your unique journey in a safe and inspirational space. It is in the times that we feel most uncertain and lost that we truly find ourselves. My promise to you is that you will not be alone in that journey. Through daily affirmations, mindfulness practices and a step by step process through the Inspire Big Transformation EBook you will be able to walk confidently through the next door in your life.

It’s important to remember that we do not know. We do not know another’s story. We do not know another’s heart. We do not know another’s intentions. We want to know everything but we are so afraid of failure and hurt that we have forgotten to live our lives intuitively and with true purpose. Let your life unfold organically with guidance and support in moving through a stagnant mindset into a powerful new beginning.

I believe people are sent to us as an awakening. This is your awakening.

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Brittany A Janning

Hello, dear ones! I am so glad that you have found yourself in this space. My name is Brittany. Throughout my life I have been presented with extraordinary experiences and opportunities that have inspired me to write a book and a transformational program that inspires others to move through difficult and painful moments with confidence and authenticity. By shifting my mindset and embracing uncertainty I have found unlimited creativity and joy in the present moment; my goal is to help guide you. Through my writing I have not only been able to transform my own life but help people powerfully transform theirs.

I spent many years trying to fill the void by constantly becoming someone else. It wasn’t until I found “zero” or “rock bottom” that I would learn basic skills and fundamental building blocks that led me through my powerful transformation and allowed me to move forward. Your transformation lies in the tools that you have NOW. My job is to help you tap into those tools and harness your inner power.

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